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   TEST ENGINEER a Torino  
Inviato da: forum lavoro il 05/10/2018 6.58.40

International manufacturing company, leader in the mechanical sector, with offices and production units located worldwide For the Global Testing Italy is looking for a:


In the role of Test Engineer you will be responsible to provide technical competence in the area of testing and conduct tests or applied research.

Key responsibilities:
- To coordinate and carry out project activities to verify and/or validate models, technology and/or products
- To develop test programs, procedures and methods or test strategies and build functional models
- To plan, perform and evaluate tests and calibrations
- To participate in a leading or supporting role in customer meetings regarding technical matters
- Responsible for the design, acquisition, manufacturing and installation of test equipment to improve the capabilities of the test centre for increased effectiveness
- To participate in continuous improvement activities
- To acts as a test rig owner and establish and maintain operational procedures for efficient use of test facilities to ensure reliability, accuracy and traceability of experimental results

Job requirements:
- Bachelor degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics or equivalent
- Tribology knowledge
- Statistic knowledge (Weibull distribution)
- 3D model software knowledge
- Specialized in one or more areas required for the testing of mechanical components, bearings or experimental/functional setups
- Competent in testing and related technologies • Good communication skills in English (oral and written)
- High level of personal drive, commitment and teamwork
- Strong interpersonal, problem solving and decision making skills

Location: Torino sud

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